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    MasterConnect LEDtube EM/Mains T8

    The easy way to smart lighting

    MasterConnect LEDtube EM/Mains T8
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        Philips MasterConnect LEDtube EM/Mains T8 makes it easy to upgrade to a connected lighting system. Its 2.4 GHz mesh networking technology enables wireless integration with a variety of control devices, such as sensors and switches. The result? Even more energy saving and enhanced flexibility in your space. Through dimming, occupancy sensing and/or daylight harvesting, lamps deliver 50% or more energy saving thanks to MasterConnect technology.


        50% energy saving vs conventional lamps, plus 20-40% via advanced controls
        On/off, dimming and scene setting to promote productivity and user comfort
        A flexible lighting solution to meet your dynamic needs in the space


        Retrofit to existing fluorescent lamps on EM ballast installations
        Superior lighting performance over 50,000 hrs lifetime
        Easy to commission and (re-)configure
        Reliable and secure wireless communication within a 2.4 GHz mesh network


        Office, education and retail
        Parking, industry and warehouses
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