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        Product family information

        The OccuSwitch DALI is a combined sensor and controller and will dim and switch the lights in a room or area upon occupancy and according to the available daylight, with options for local override, parallel operation and network links to Building Management Systems (BMS). OccuSwitch DALI is designed for an office area of between 20 and 25 m2, but the area can be expanded two or three times by adding the extension sensor LRM8118. Up to 15 luminaires can be controlled. OccuSwitch Dali is easy to install and requires limited commissioning, if any.


        Average energy savings of up to 55% and good pay-back
        Adds comfort with local control
        Easy to use (works right out of the box) but also easy to adapt to specific applications or user demands


        Advanced occupancy control and daylight regulation with separate window and corridor algorithms
        Retractable shield that can be used to shield off areas, e.g. corridors, adjacent to the area the OccuSwitch DALI is controlling
        Push-button interface for the use of standard wired switches
        Energy indicator shows relative energy usage
        BMS version interacts with almost any building management system via the DALI interface
        With optional extension sensor(s) (LRM8118) and push-button interface(s) (LCU2070)


        OccuSwitch DALI is designed for use in offices, schools (incl. board lighting) and similar applications, including small meeting rooms, lobbies and corridors
        It is optimised for recessed ceiling mounting and for mounting heights of between 2.5 and 4 metres
        The surface box also allows surface mounting, with either recessed wiring or surface-mounted ducts
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