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        Starsense Wireless is a networked controls system based on two-way wireless communication using the latest in mesh network technology. The system enables individual light points to be controlled remotely and to be managed via online platforms, like CityTouch. Lighting operators can control remotely the outdoor lighting infrastructure setting dimming levels to achieve considerable energy savings and can get real time feedback from the luminaires reducing operating and maintenance costs via accurate scheduling of on-site maintenance service tasks, while improving both the quality and reliability of outdoor lighting.


        Very low efforts, quick and error free commissioning
        Reliable system: long range, limited interference
        No software installation costs, easy access from everywhere, automatic back-ups


        Auto commissioning based on collected asset information
        Sub-GHz (868 MHz) frequency for communication
        User friendly, web-based end-user interface
        Freedom to select any dimmable driver supplier using DALI or 1-10 V
        Future-proof: scalable network and upgradeable over the air


        Designed for highways, roads and street lighting, including areas like parking lots
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