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        The ZXP399 DMX Controls and Wiring Accessories are to be used with our architectural and facade lighting luminaires (UniFlood C, M and G, UniStrip G4, UniEdge, UniDot G2, UniString and UniBar). DMX Controls include a main controller, stand-alone controller, sub-controllers, DMX amplifier and DMX addressing device. Main Controller: Industrial computer that can control up to 6,000 DMX universes. Stand-alone Controller: Fits all medium applications with up to 700 DMX universes. Wiring accessories include leader and jump cables with male and female IP67 connectors and end-caps. Addressing Device: Hand-held device that can write DMX addresses to a whole run on-site within minutes. DMX Amplifier: Compact, IP65 and low-power repeater that can amplify the DMX signal for up 100 metres.



        Bridges, Monuments, Facades
        Parks and Plazas
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