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        Product family information

        UniBar is a surface-mounted, exterior-rated and slim-sized linear LED direct view luminaire that is designed for façade and outdoor architectural lighting applications. The robust mechanical and unique optical design makes it ideal for buildings facades, media facades, bridges, overpasses and any application that requires a slim linear direct view lighting solution. Direct view spread lens, through wiring for end-to-end connection and DMX control option available with up to 10 pixels (10IDs) to give architects and designers the freedom to explore a wide range of concepts and design with no limitations. Available in white, monochromatic colours, RGB, RGBW and tunable white.


        Low power LEDs deliver a smooth and soft lighting distribution
        Up to 10 pixels (10IDs) for easy and flexible control
        Wide beam angle for direct view application
        Robust Design and IP66 rating for outdoor use
        Two types of mounting brackets to fit different applications


        Standard: RGBW, RGB, 2,700 K, 3,000 K and 4,000 K
        Optional 5,000 K, Monochromatic Colours and Tunable White
        Standard 300, 500 and 1000mm product lengths
        Available in DMX control option


        Bridges, Monuments, Facades
        Parks and plazas
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