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        Beautifully designed lighting adds heart and soul to any city. It enables public spaces to be well-lit and rightly lit, invigorating communities and making everyone feel safe and welcome.Philips CitySpirit Cone LED is an energy-saving LED lighting solution that does not compromise on aesthetics. Its luminaire, mast, and bracket carry an integrated and stylish design that beautifully blends into any urban landscape. Various combinations of optical components generate lightingeffects that meet different lighting requirements and ensure visual comfort at the right light level.Available in two different colour options with versatility, consistent light quality and impressive energy efficiency.


        Energy efficient
        Lower maintenance cost


        Unique design - sleek and stylish, fits into any urban landscape
        Long-lasting - lifetime is over 50,000 hours
        Versatility - symmetrical, asymmetrical and road configuration light distribution meet requirements of different lightning applications


        Residential area
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