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        GreenVision Xceed offers an affordable LED road lighting solution to the customer for both pedestrian and vehicle road applications. It offers 3 housing sizes and a range of beam optics to fully cater to different road configurations and conditions. It is designed to achieve better light uniformity and maximum spacing between poles, while ensuring sufficient light on the road. Its die-cast aluminum housing and Philips LEDGINE LED platform ensures long lifetime and reliability. Best of all, GreenVision Xceed offers up to 50% of energy savings when compared to conventional lamp systems.


        Solid die-cast housing design ensures long fixture lifetime
        Excellent thermal management ensures long system lifetime
        World class, approbated quality components (LEDs / Driver / etc.)
        Tool-less opening of gear compartment & gear tray replacement fo


        Up to 50% energy savings with full compliance to road lighting safety standards
        Superior W/m2 performance delivered through different optics for greater flexibility to fit different road applications
        High quality cool and neutral white light with hig


        Pedestrian category roads (P1-P6)
        Vehicle category roads (M1-M6)
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