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        Product family information

        Configure the lumen pack, change the dimming profile, monitor health, read analogue parameters from ground level using a simple easy-to-use Android app.


        Low maintenance costs due to remote health monitoring
        Brings light to areas without access to electric grid
        Saves energy
        Environment friendly


        Pressure die-cast aluminium housing for sturdiness and excellent thermal management with option of polycarbonate and glass covers
        Remote health monitoring
        Inbuilt MPPT charge controller
        two-step dimming options
        Compatible with multiple battery types
        Available in both off-grid and hybrid versions


        Secondary traffic roads – (A2, B1 & B2)
        City shopping and commercial roads
        Industrial roads
        Residential streets
        IT Campus
        Parking Areas
        Parks and Gardens
        Shopping Centres
        Solar Mini Masts
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