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        Comprehensive range of solar flood lights starting from 5,000 lumens to 15,000 lumens, with 125 lm/w efficacy, and the option of hybrid versions. Suitable for area lighting, billboards, facades and parking areas. configurable dimming profile and load wattage.


        Brings light to areas without access to electric grid
        Environmentally friendly
        Saves energy
        High efficacy reduces cost per light point by reducing battery and panel size
        Preserves landscape as no trenching for cabling required
        Sturdy construction for long life
        Smart-city-ready for sustainable cities


        High luminous efficacy of 125 lm/Watt.
        Configurable dimming profile and load wattage
        Compatible with multiple battery types ( LiFePO4, LMLA GEL)
        Pressure die-cast aluminium housing for sturdiness and excellent thermal management
        Available in both off-grid and hybrid versions


        Area lighting
        Advertising hoardings
        Parking areas.
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