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        Integrated solar post top lantern with Lithium Ferro Phosphate battery, vertically mounted mono-crystalline solar panel and MPPT charger. Extruded aluminium construction for sturdiness and long life. Choice of street light and post top optics and pole height of 4 & 6 metres. Charger and battery accommodated inside the pole and accessible through service hatch for ease of maintenance. Vertically mounted panels on all four sides to catch sunlight throughout the day. IP-68 battery to prevent damage in case of water logging.


        Brings light to areas without access to electric grid
        Elegant design
        Preserves landscape as no trenching for cabling required
        Saves energy
        Environment friendly


        Replaceable IP-68 Lithium Ferro Phosphate battery for long life and hassle free operations
        MPPT charge controller for maximum efficiency
        Sturdy aluminium alloy construction for sturdiness and long life
        Factory set dimming profile for run time maximisation


        Office campuses
        Residential Societies
        Heritage Roads
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