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Intelligent lighting 

Each luminaire contains an integrated sensor and is connected to a wired or wireless network enabling data collection and transmission. This creates a data collection and analytics infrastructure that reports light point status and usage insights, while open APIs enable integration with other intelligent building systems such as HVAC.
Philips Lighting’s Connected Lighting (InterAct Office) can help you create a smart office

Data analytics 

Manage your lighting centrally and monitor office performance on a centralized dashboard. Sensors report anonymized data on occupancy, energy, daylight and more. By analyzing it, you can optimize floor space, layout, lighting, cleaning and HVAC systems to improve efficiency and reduce costs.
Philips Lighting’s Connected Lighting (- InterAct Office) includes management software and analytics to enable data-driven decision making

Personalized workspaces

Keep workers engaged and productive with location-based services delivered via smartphone apps using visible light communication (VLC). Undetectable to the human eye, VLC data streams are detected by smartphone cameras, enabling more convenient flexible working, such as wayfinding and personalized climate control and lighting.
Philips Lighting’s Connected Lighting ( InterAct Office) enables smartphone wayfinding and personalized workspace settings