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Inductive-powered markers

Our intelligent LED marker lights use groundbreaking Inductive Power Transfer (IPT), drawing power wirelessly from a recessed cable. You can power 2.5km of cable on one power supply, more than triple that of a wired system, reducing total cost of ownership.
Lower total cost of ownership with inductive-powered LED marker lights

Active road guidance

Intelligent controls let you communicate wirelessly with the microprocessors in each light. LED marker lights can be instructed to remain invisible, dim, flash, sequence or change color to alert motorists when conditions change.
Control inductive-powered LED marker lights individually to improve safety

Powerful safety lighting

Illuminated markers can be seen from a greater distance than passive reflectors, improving safety. Positioned in drivers’ sightlines, they make guidance intuitive with focused beams marking roadways clearly in rain, fog, daylight and darkness.
Improve visibility under any road or tunnel conditions with LED marker lights

Easy setup and maintenance

Inductive-powered markers can be safely installed, replaced and maintained by non-electrical specialists, saving cost and speeding repairs. Long-lasting, waterproof and robust, they offer high performance in extreme conditions.
LED marker lights offer easy setup and maintenance and are very robust

Intelligent control and diagnostics

Once connected, you can control and monitor each LED marker light independently and receive alerts and reporting via a relay or SCADA interface, helping you predict faults and resolve issues faster.
Intelligent control and diagnostics speeds fault resolution with LED marker lights