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    Shopper convenience


    Indoor location services can make a shopper’s journey more enjoyable and efficient, with features such as wayfinding, “show me where I am,” optimal shopping routes, location-specific information, and “come help me.”

    Shopper engagement


    Engaged customers stay in store longer, enjoy their experience more, and often spend more. They may also share their experiences via social media, extending your brand’s reach. Engage shoppers with location-based promotions, information, and notifications. Offer social experiences such as surveys, reviews, and games.

    Workplace and staff efficiency


    Indoor location services can optimize workplace efficiency through wayfinding, dynamic routing for faster order picking in a warehouse, dynamic meeting room scheduling in an office, and location-based staff instructions and service support.

    Data and analytics


    Connected luminaires can share data about their status and operations. Location-based sensors can collect and analyze data about the usage patterns and activities in illuminated spaces. System managers can analyze this data to maximize energy efficiency, enhance experience, and streamline operations.

    Building relationships


    Build on your existing supplier partnerships by offering new opportunities for brand promotion and shared revenue generation such as location based compliance notification or analytics based brand co-operation