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    Bourg-en-Bresse, France


    After engaging in a big LED project throughout town with more than 9,000 light points to maintain, Bourg-en-Bresse found the maintenance of LED lighting a big challenge. But the unique innovation, Philips Service tag has been proven to be a solution to this. It has been serving as a knowledge database, supporting installers in their daily operations. During the pilot, all possible use cases were tested by the installers from Bourg-en-Bresse town. Since then, the application has been getting positive feedback and has really proven its value.


    “The greatest value of the Philips Service tag is,” says Mourgues, “that it enables us to save precious time and avoid human errors. Installers are waiting for the launch and are eager to start using the app in their daily tasks.” 

    the Netherlands 

    As a future thinking municipality, the city of Doetinchem is always open to test new innovations brought to the market and discover new ways to improve their operations. And this time Rob Crop, Policy Officer outdoor lighting at the Municpilaity of Doetinchem, wanted to learn more about the value, the Philips Service tag can bring to the city, and how it can help their installer partner, Zuit install luminaires faster, do quicker troubleshooting and spare part identification and even programming on the spot.


    Watch the video and learn how the Service tag has been helping the city of Doetinchem improve their operations .