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Saarbrücken, Germany

One of Germany’s top retailers is using LED lighting to create a distinctive shopping experience for its customers and boosting sales in their promotional area.
Influencing shopper behavior with soft pastel up-lights at Globus Supermarket

In this project
with Philips we

succeeded in driving shoppers to certain products and to increase the sales.."


- Mr. Scheller, Store Manager Globus Saarbrücken-Güdingen

Smart supermarket lighting system StoreWise controlled by app
Smart supermarket lighting system StoreWise controlled by app

Customer Challenge


Established in 1828, Globus is a retail chain of hypermarkets and electronics stores that prides itself on customer service. The chain’s Saarbrucken, Germany location wanted to improve its store by providing a unique shopping experience for its customers, and more specifically, to create more excitement and attention in the promotions department.

Globus supermarket soft pastel up-lights blue

The right lighting


Globus partnered with Philips Lighting to implement and research three different lighting scenarios in the promotional areas of the store, using the StoreWise system. The first lighting scenario mimicked the effects of the current lighting: a uniform lighting design as a baseline for the research. The second focused on accent lighting, and utilized spotlights to highlight certain items and create contrast. The third combined both spotlighting and colored up-lights. By using pastel
up-lights, the colors not only played into shopper emotions, but also increased the visibility of the promotional area from a distance. These three different light settings were scheduled using StoreWise to alternate over the days in a two month period.

Over this two-month period, customers were tracked with sensors in their carts, the number of customers spending time in the promotional area was counted and sales data was analyzed. Together with DFKI (German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence) Philips Lighting conducted research into how these lighting scenarios affected the numbers of shoppers entering the promotional area, how long they stayed there and sales.

The results were positive on different levels for each scenario. Compared to the first scenario of uniform lighting, the second scenario with spotlighting increased the number of people entering the promotional area by 7%. With the soft pastel up-lights scenario, an additional 8% of shoppers entered the promotional area, so a total of 15% more people entering the area compared to the first scenario with uniform lighting. 

The store manager was especially happy with the third lighting scenario, as it included the popular spotlighting in addition to the soft past colored up-lights, resulting in a spectacular 6% sales increase next to the 15% more people entering the area. 

Globus was satisfied with the pilot’s success and its store management is more confident than ever that they can truly influence shopper behavior with the power of lighting.

Influencing shopper behavior

Philips StoreWise


Designed just for retail, Philips’ StoreWise system combines the best of LED and controls in a flexible package to help deliver cost savings, adjust lighting to every day demands, and create a better, more engaging customer experience.

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The team

Globus Saarbrücken-Güdingen


DFKI (German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence)

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