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Making waves
on a cruise ship

Oasis of the Seas, Turku, Finland


Find out how LED cruise ship lighting is enchanting guests on the Oasis of the Seas.

The ambience inside the cruise has been taken to an upper level by Philips Lighting at Oasis of the Seas

We are very grateful
to Philips

for what they have done to make our ship look so great!”

- Svein Medhaug, Electrical Superintendent, Royal Caribbean International
A pillar lit by Philips Lighting at Oasis of the Seas
The reception area in the Phoenix childrens hospital lit up by Philips Lighting

Customer challenge


Oasis of the Seas is a cruise ship with a difference. Not only is it the largest luxury vessel on the sea, but its seven themed neighbourhoods give guests an unforgettable holiday experience. To add to the excitement, Philips was brought in to provide exhilarating lighting.

The right lighting


The 225, 282-ton Oasis of the Seas requires a lot of light. The ship boasts 16 passenger decks and 2706 state rooms, and seven themed rooms. These include the park at sea, sports zone entertainment area, and youth zone. The ship’s management called on Philips to improve the atmosphere and reduce costs with energy efficient lighting.


LED was ready to make waves. We began by installing Color Kinetics LED in the themed areas, filling the rooms with vibrant colors that complement the architecture. MASTER LED spot bulbs were installed around the ship to accent the architecture and other important design elements. MASTER LED bulb Glow fixtures were added to provide general lighting that could be dimmed as needed. Unlike incandescent alternatives, which sometimes draw attention to the light source itself, MASTER LED keeps the spotlight on the luxurious décor of the ship.


The new MASTER LED bulbs are also helping the ship to save electricity, thanks to their energy-efficient performance. In addition, they are long-lasting and easy to replace, meaning the ship will have to spend less money and time replacing bulbs.


“We intend to continue our cooperation with Philips to develop products that are suitable for use in a ship environment.”

- Svein Medhaug, Electrical Superintendent, Royal Caribbean International

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Bringing the ship
to life

The Team

Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.


Richard Dixon, Project International (UK)


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