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Adding magic

to a monument

Renaissance Hotel,
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Find out how decorative lighting is adding a special spark to the Renaissance Hotel.


Philips hospitality lighting adds a special spark to the Renaissance Hotel with decorative lighting

With respect for
the monumental

status of the building, the Livingprojects Team developed a showcase of magical lights. With the push of a button we are able to create completely different ambiences for any type of event or timeframe. Some guests immediately want to order this as a supplement to their event!”


- Tom Calame, General Manager Renaissance Hotel, Amsterdam


A green light emits from the Philips decorative lighting products in this room at the Renaissance Hotel
The ceiling, illuminated using Philips decorative lighting, reflects a blue hue at the Renaissance Hotel

Customer challenge


The Renaissance Amsterdam hotel is one of the city’s top places to stay. Connected to its main building is a unique 17th century Koepelkerk Church, which acts as a venue for up to 700 people. Could hospitality lighting enhance events at the church without damaging this protected building?

The right lighting 

The Renaissance Hotel was undergoing some radical improvements. For the adjoined church venue, the hotel wanted decorative lighting that would let customers tailor the ambience for their events. Livingprojects, an official Philips LED Project Partner, got to work installing ColorBurst 6 and ColorBlast 12 fixtures.


These innovative LED floodlights fill the entire room with vibrant, exciting light, creating a unique atmosphere. The lights are controlled from an LCD control panel, and colors can be changed at the touch of a button. As well as static ambience, the new system can be used to wow guests with dynamic lighting effects.


Koepelkerk, the church, is a protected monument. Because of this, lighting designer Erick van der Lek from Livingprojects and his colleagues were not allowed to drill any holes to suspend the lighting fixtures and cabling. “Thanks to our experience with monumental buildings, we used a special non-aggressive paste to fix the lighting fixtures and the cabling professionally and solidly. For the entire installation we didn’t use a single screw where it wasn’t allowed.”


General Manager Tom Calame is very pleased with the LED lighting installation. “We don’t need to hire equipment anymore, so we can show our clients all the possible light effects. And, most importantly, the new ColorBlast exceeds all our and our guests’ expectations by far.”

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