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Restaurant Flinstering,
Breda, The Netherland


Discover how restaurant lighting is creating an unforgettable dining experience at Flinstering.


 Philips bar lights helps highlight the bottles on the bar at Restaurant Flinstering

LED lighting
met all our

expectations. We can now organize special events knowing that we can use lighting to support the theme of the occasion.’’


- Jasper Bronkhorst and René Lancée, owners of restaurant Flinstering

Restaurant Flinstering welcomes diners with a comfortable ambience thanks to Philips restaurant and bar lighting
Philips restaurant lighting helps draw attention to the façade of Restaurant Flinstering

Customer challenge

The Flinstering restaurant wanted to dazzle diners. In addition to creating a mouthwatering menu, the owners decided to add an extra dimension to their restaurant with decorative lighting. Could Philips help them create an appetizing ambience while keeping costs low?


Philips LED lamps bring a fun dynamic to the ambience of Restaurant Flinstering

The right lighting


In order to conquer the Breda food scene, inspiring restaurant and bar lights were needed. The restaurant’s owners engaged with Livingprojects, a Philips Lighting partner, to find a solution.


LED lighting was on the menu. eW downlights were installed inside the dining area to create an enjoyable, social ambience. RGB LEDlines were added to illuminate the white panels on the walls, and Spot LEDs were introduced to highlight specific areas. Subdued black and white images are now projected onto the walls at the start of the evening, turning to lavish colour images as the night progresses. In addition, the many coloured bottles at the bar are lit from below with LED cove lighting, creating a stylish visual effect.


Outside, the classical façade of the Flinstering restaurant was attractively lit by LEDline2 and Underwater LED lighting. The new restaurant lighting is contributing to an unforgettable dining experience, creating a pleasant social atmosphere throughout the venue.


The new LED fixtures use 70% less energy than the halogen lights they have replaced. And because the bar lights are heat-free, they do not warm the drinks they are illuminating.

  • eW Downlight Powercore
    eW Downlight Powercore
    eW Downlight Powercore gen2 is a low-profile, surface-mounted LED downlight for basic white general illumination. This easy-to-install, dimmable luminaire uses standard mounting an...

Dazzling diners
with light

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Restaurant Flinstering


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