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Spar Hotel,
Gothenburg, Sweden

Find out how LED hotel lighting solution is creating a great guest experience for less.
Spar Hotel spa, lit by Philips hotel lighting, the obvious lighting solution for this project

Our investment in
LED lighting

in the hotel’s common areas has a payback period of around three years. That’s a good investment!”


- Alexander Pehrsson, Property Manager for Bygg-Göta AB


A woman stands in a Spar Hotel corridor, illuminated by Philips hotel lighting
Reception desk of Spar Hotel, which uses Philips hotel lighting to illuminate the space

Customer challenge


Spar Hotel is all about making guests comfortable. When it found that its halogen lamps were frequently failing and in need of replacement, it sought an efficient solution. But could LED lights provide the same comforting atmosphere?

The right lighting 

Philips began our relationship with Spar Hotel when we did some work for its parent company, Bygg-Göta AB. After seeing the benefits of LED lighting in one of his stores, property owner Ronny Persson asked for our help at the Spar hotel. Frequently changing the halogen bulbs was costing the hotel a lot of money. In addition, energy consumption was very high, and the outdated bulbs were generating a lot of heat in the corridors.

The halogen bulbs in the breakfast room, conference room, corridors and reception area were replaced with energy-efficient LED lighting. The 50W halogen bulbs in the conference rooms were switched with MASTER LED GU10. In the breakfast room, DimTone GU10 lamps were installed, giving the hotel the option of cosy dimmed light.


Further LED lights were installed in the corridors, reception area and spa. Management were pleased to find that the ambience provided by LED matched their exact requirements. What’s more, the LED lights give a virtually heat-free performance, meaning the hotel environment is now cooler.


The LED lighting solution has helped Spar Hotel to reduce its lighting energy costs by €12.000 over seven months. In addition, the LED lamps last around 40,000 hours, so the hotel is now avoiding costly replacement charges.

Making the switch 
to LED

The Team

Bygg-Göta AB, Ronny Persson and Alexander Pehrsson


JR El, Robert Olsson


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