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Stryków, Poland


The biggest DIY chain in Poland was looking for a high quality, reliable solution for their 50,000 m2 facility.

Castorama - Stryków, Poland

We were
looking for

an innovative and complex solution”


- Piotr Wasikowski, Construction Project Manager

Castorama - Stryków, Poland
Castorama - Stryków, Poland

Customer Challenge


Castorama Poland LTD is the biggest DIY chain in Poland. Since 2014 it owns a facility in Stryków of 50,000 m2 including offices and social sections. Looking for a high quality, reliable solution with the ability to cover the whole facility, Castorama found the perfect partner in Philips Lighting. The LED technology proposed ensures comfort of use, combined with energy savings.

Castorama - Stryków, Poland

The right lighting


The whole facility, including the warehouse area, offices and the outside property, is now lit with Philips LED products. The solution reduces unwanted glares effects (UGR) and the evenly distributed intensity of the light has a positive impact on the comfort and safety of the employees - an important factor for the client.


Reduction of environment polution is an important element of the international 'Net Positive' strategy implemented by the Kingfisher Group - the owner of Castorama. The project becomes an example of the best market practices created by the investor. The concept falls in line with the establishment of the Castorama Company.

The solution provides high quality and reliability and a significant reduction in power consumption. All of this within the planned investment budget.

Huge energy savings

The team



Kingfisher Group


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