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Gothenburg Ro/Ro Terminal AB,


Gothenburg Ro/Ro Terminal AB had an ageing lighting system that needed replacing with an energy-saving system able to meet all the requirements of a good lighting environment.

Gothenburg Ro/Ro Terminal AB, Sweden

Movement detection is
integrated into

the fittings, and light intensity can be easily reconfigured. That’s a big advantage."


- Anders Vaernholt, Infrastructure Manager, Gothenburg Ro/Ro Terminal AB

Gothenburg Ro/Ro Terminal AB, Sweden

Customer Challenge


“We wanted to reduce maintenance and energy costs as much as possible, whilst gaining better lighting and colour reproduction to ensure satisfactory lighting levels that are comfortable to work in.”

Gothenburg Ro/Ro Terminal AB, Sweden

The right lighting


High ceilings used to mean expensive lighting installations and high operating costs. Maintenance was complicated, and it was difficult to integrate a control system. GreenWarehouse is a package solution with dimmable LED fittings and wireless presence detection. The presence sensor sits in a small box close to the LED fitting. The control and intelligence system are integrated into the fitting itself. The system is flexible and easy to configure in zones, ensuring an efficient and advanced solution.

The GreenWarehouse lighting concept gave Gothenburg Ro/Ro Terminal an energy-efficient and eco-friendly lighting system that requires minimal maintenance. CO2 emissions will be cut by 143 tonnes per year. Thanks to the lighting controls coupled with long life LED technology, the lighting installation is expected to last around 90,000 hours, which equates to a staggering 20 years.



One simple, bundled solution that contains three types of dimmable LED luminaires and wireless controls to help you to maximize your warehouse lighting efficiency.


More about the system

CO2 emissions cut 
by 143 tonnes per year

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Gothenburg Ro/Ro Terminal AB


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