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Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden


Find out how Karolinska University is bringing well-being to the workplace

I’ve had very 

experiences. I feel sharper and quite simply more alert. This feels like the office of the future.”

-Emma Loven, Operations Manager at the Innovation Centre

Customer challenge

Karolinska is a gargantuan university hospital. With 15,000 employees and 1.5 million patient visits annually, it is the largest in Sweden. When its office was given a new open plan layout in 2012, the workspace was left with an inadequate, cluttered-looking lighting system. Philips had the solution.



Corridor in the Karolinska hospital

The right lighting


Following the switch to a more open-plan office, a new lighting solution was sorely needed. The existing setup had a cluttered ceiling due to the hanging acoustic ceiling panels, and the T8 fluorescent lights were flickering and fatiguing the eyes of workers.

Soundlight Comfort was a welcome arrival. This ground-breaking lighting system, developed by Philips and Ecophon, combines the latest in light and acoustic technology. It produces bright, glare-free illumination and softens the acoustics in the room. A total of 550 units were installed, along with a number of non-LED tiles. The new fixtures vastly improved the lighting while eliminating the need for separate acoustic panels.

The upgrade was a brilliant move. The office now has a clean, modern feel that boosts creativity. What’s more a study of the employees’ feelings before and after the installation was very revealing. Employees had previously rated the old lighting as “fairly good”. The new installation was ranked “very good” and the employees are “very pleased”. Employees report feeling more alert and focused, and the office saves money thanks to energy-efficient LEDs.

“The light is distributed well, and is sufficient for the entire office space. Together with the nice acoustics, this means increased flexibility, so we can adapt the space wholly on the basis of operational needs.” - Emma Loven, Operations Manager

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