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Gazprom petrol stations


As part of a large expansion programme, Russian energy company Gazprom is creating a network of state-of-the-art petrol stations in Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Bosnia. Innovative architecture and high-end building specs are complemented by innovative lighting solutions.

Gazprom petrol stations

We wanted this bridge

to be

translucent, so that light shone through and customers felt that they were in an open space."


-Adrian Balan-Doltu, Business Development Director of NIS Petrol

Gazprom petrol stations

Customer challenge


Gazprom specified a link between the station canopy and the outlying shop, which is designed to protect customers from both rain and sun.

The challenge in the shop was to create a lighting effect which complemented the upscale appearance and blended with the oranges and browns in the decor.

Gazprom petrol stations

The right lighting

Philips launched a mobile app for Android, which allows the manager of each petrol station to adjust the settings on the canopy lights themselves by smartphone or another device with Bluetooth capability. Although presence daylight detectors already ensure that energy is saved when the forecourt is empty or the sun decides to come out, it’s possible to adjust the settings, giving local management complete control.
Another added bonus is that if any maintenance is needed on the lights, contractors can quickly see from the app the current status of the luminaires. The diagnostic job becomes simpler and less disruptive.

Upgradeable and highly efficient, this LEDGINE platform has the added benefit that operators can control canopy lights from the ground via Bluetooth using a smartphone app. The connectivity also allows engineers to read the status of luminaires.

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