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Creating an architectural

element in the city

Galeria Bronowice
Krakow, Poland


The perfectly located structure, close to the crossing of routes leading to the city center, the Balice Airport, and many nearby towns and cities, has a floor area of about 60,000 square meters. Its representative role is highlighted by its architecture inspired by the Polish Art Nouveau style, strongly connected with Krakow.

Galeria Bronowice-Krakow, Poland-Philips Lighting-2

We attempted to

the lighting fixtures into the façades in a manner emphasizing the unique shape of the structure and reflecting its nature. Thanks to our close collaboration and access to exceptional technological solutions, the structure gained an interesting form.”


- Maciej Tutaj, Architect, Biuro Rozwoju Krakowa S.A. (Krakow Development Office)

Galeria Bronowice-Krakow, Poland-Philips Lighting-3
Galeria Bronowice-Krakow, Poland-Philips Lighting-4

Customer Challenge


The intention of Galeria Bronowice’s designers and originators was to create an important architectural element in the northern part of Krakow’s city space, standing out in comparison with other similar structures.

Galeria Bronowice-Krakow, Poland-Philips Lighting-5

The right lighting


Due to the unusual outline of the structure, with its very long, horizontal facade, it was necessary to adopt innovatory illumination solutions. The proper illumination of the structure’s edges played an important role, highlighting the uniqueness of its shape. The light divides the structure into zones, logically and clearly complementing its layout.

Thanks to the individual lighting programs, such elements as the expressive wall, the pillar casings at the entrance to the car park and the lighting in the stairwells emphasize the specific nature of the structure that stands out in comparison with other shopping malls in Krakow.

Light images are projected on the expressive wall at the entrance to the mall, which is the showcase of the structure. The unique effect was achieved thanks to lighting scenarios, realized with the use of specially designed control system, adapted to the unique architectural concept and character of the building.

The lighting programs used in Galeria Bronowice make the structure attractive and comfortable, improving the shoppers’ satisfaction. Apart from its utilitarian function, the light provides comfortable conditions to the customers and highlights the innovatory architectural concept of the structure as a whole.

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Distinctive light
to a Distinctive mall

The Team



Biuro Rozwoju Krakowa S.A.


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