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Poznan City Center
Poznan, Poland


Situated on the Warta River, in west-central Poland, Poznań is one of the oldest and largest cities in the country. Today, Poznań is one of the largest Polish centers of trade, industry, technology, education, tourism, and culture. In 2010, TriGanit Development invested with the city of Poznań to revitalize and renew the main railway station, adding a bus terminal, a park and ride facility with 1,500 parking spots, and Poznań Shopping Mall. The area of the entire facility, called Poznań City Center, is nearly 190,300 sq ft (58,000 m2).

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The co-operation with

met top level of service standards and gave us a lot of satisfaction. The team spared no effort to provide us with the most innovative solution and to complete the work in time.”


- Stefan Cuvin, Project Manager TriGranit Development Corporation

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Customer Challenge


The investors wanted a dynamic exterior lighting system for Poznań Shopping Mall that would distinguish it from other malls in the area and attract potential customers. TriGanit also envisioned an interior lighting solution that would set an inviting mood within the mall, encouraging people to spend time shopping and relaxing in restaurants and cafes.

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The right lighting


A dynamic exterior lighting scheme was planned to be a magnet, attracting potential clients to visit the center. Modern interior lighting provided an appropriate mood creating favorable conditions for shopping and encouraging people to spend time in restaurants and cafes. In the recessed areas of the ceiling a total of 4.5 km of professional LED RGB luminaires were used, with the possibility of changing their color and intensity, which enables creating sophisticated plans and lighting scenes, enhancing the themes of different events, organized at the premises of the shopping center.

"We created one communication network, by integrating three separate installations: Cove RGBs inside the building, the eastern elevation illumination placed in decorative cassettes, covered by glass, and finally direct cove illumination from Compact Color Reach projectors” says Jakub Guzniczak, Philips Control System Designer. The LED control system is managed from one central point. The Light System Manager, in the heart of the entire system, can handle up to 15,000 individual LED light points, and controls the more than 14,000 RGB fixtures used in the installation. The control system can create links between events held within the building and the exterior illumination. The east and north façades can be coordinated to display light shows when special events are taking place within the shopping center to match the season of the year or for marketing purposes.

Using long-lasting, energy-saving LED diodes to illuminate the Poznań City Center significantly reduced the energy costs and simplified the maintenance of the entire lighting network.

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