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Szczecin Outlet Park
Szczecin, Poland


Known for being the largest outlet center in the Western Pomerania re¬gion, Szczecin Outlet Park is actually a combination of a standard shopping center and an outlet center, uniting retail and service outlets under one roof. It is comprised of 68 shops, a supermarket, and seven cinema screens, offering a total usable area of 21,700 square meters.

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A harmonious lighting

in the interior combined with the LED technology used in the façadeleaves a great impression. Taken as a whole, the result achieved sets new standards for lighting of commercial facilities.”


- Sławomir Grzegorz Tamborowski - Architect, Echo Investment S.A.

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Szczecin Outlet Park - Szczecin, Poland - Philips Lighting-4

Customer Challenge


The building’s exterior lighting, including the parking lot and, outdoor passages, as well as comprehensive interior ligh-ting were integral elements of the project. During the creation of the lighting plan, unique luminaire designs were developed to meet the require¬ments of the investor and to ensure a perfect fit for each area of the facility.

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The right lighting


In order to meet customer expectations, many lighting tests were performed under a variety of conditions, which led to an optimal and mutually satisfactory final result.

The façade is illuminated using Ilti Luce Mi¬niflux HP LED, Vaya Linear LED luminaires and indi¬vidually designed lighting lines, necessary to achieve the effect from the design. Interior lighting was optimized by utilizing roughly 700 EFix Gridlight luminaires that were custom made to work with the ceiling structure–and  lighting modules were developed spe¬cifically for the needs of the shopping complex. Additionally, interior emergency lighting luminaires perfectly fulfil their role, while remaining hidden during everyday use.

The cooperation between Philips and the developers and designers led to the efficient execution of the project and both the investor and contractor are pleased with the final result. Collaboration with partners such as the Open Arcitecki design studio also contributed to the remarkable outcome and has set new standards for illuminating commercial buildings in the Polish construction market. Subsequently, the use of energy-efficient LED technology has resulted in both cost and energy savings for the facility.

  • Vaya Linear MP
    Vaya Linear MP
    Vaya Linear MP is a reliable and cost-effective LED lighting fixture designed for fixed or dynamic colourful lighting effects. Offering a choice of wide or elliptical beams, Vaya L...
    • Economical solution
    • Suitable for harsh outdoor environments requiring relatively high light output
    • Fast and easy installation

Attractive look
both inside and outside

The Team

Echo Investment S.A.


Open Architekci


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