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LED technology allows for ground-breaking designs of inspiring purity and beauty. Philips offers the widest range of LED products available. LED lighting provides incredible energy efficiency too… all without sacrificing light quality, power output or choice. LED lighting is highly efficient, long lasting environmentally friendly and inherently controllable – enabling both new and traditional applications of light.

LED videos


LED essentials

A video about the basics of LED
Luminous textiles

Luminous textile

Imagine creating a dynamic space that attracts, delights and inspires. That’s the beauty of Philips luminous textiles.
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Discover the world of oled lighting in this video

How do LED lamps work?

DImagine creating a dynamic space that attracts, delights and inspires. That's the beauty of Philips Luminous...
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Halogen products
Halogen products

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LED certification program

ErP in the spotlights

Check which impacted halogen lamps are being replaced by Philips LED spots.

The EU is phasing out inefficient light sources from September 2016. Make sure you replace your halogens with Philips LED spots.

Download brochure for impacted Halogen lamps and see the right LED replacement

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