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A solution for every space. Meet the CoreLine family

Whether for a new building or renovation of an existing space, customers want an affordable range of lighting solutions that combine clean, quality illumination with serious energy and maintenance savings. At the heart of CoreLine’s high-quality light output is LED technology. Lasting up to 50,000 hours, its long lifecycle helps your team to work without disruptions, and guarantees you spend less on maintaining light sources.


CoreLine LED helps the environment too. The range uses up to 75% less energy than conventional light sources, reducing your electricity bills and minimizing C02 emissions. A simple switch to LED can seriously improve your sustainability rating. And making the switch is easy. The efficient design of the fixtures enables ‘hole-for-hole’ replacement of existing lights, with virtually no need for expensive re-wiring or new ceiling configurations.


See the full range and benefits the CoreLine range brings to you and your customers in the range video.

Coreline panel

As a leader in innovation          in several areas,

we set high standards when it comes to third-party products too. This is why we chose the new CoreLine LED luminaires, which meet our exacting standards for light quality and cost-effectiveness."


- Günter Obwieser, Head of Facility Management, Robert Bosch GmbH, Munich Factory


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CoreLine showcase


See CoreLine in all it’s glory – visit the 360° interactive building tour to experience CoreLine installed in key applications.


Simply choose the product or application you wish to see – or take the full tour.There really is a solution for every space.

Snapshot of Coreline building interactive tour
CoreLine High-bay

CoreLine specifications


Visit the online catalogue for full technical specifications on every product in the CoreLine family.


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Snapshot of one of the CoreLine installation videos

Easy installation


See for yourself how quick and easy CoreLine family products are to install. Take a look at the specially developed installation videos that guide you through, step by step.


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application bundle

Application Bundles


Looking for a complete solution for a specific application? New Application Bundles have been launched to make popular lighting applications and solution selection easy.


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Total Costs of Ownership 


The pressure on reducing energy, maintenance costs and operating costs will continue to increase so that climate change and budget objectives can be met. Understanding the total costs of a lighting installation over it's whole life time is becoming increasingly important as budgets become tighter and long term planning is required.


TCO tool for CoreLine


Now with 5-year warranty!

By registering your CoreLine luminaire online, you can enjoy an extra 2 year warranty, resulting in 5 years in total!

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