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CorePro LED lamps

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CorePro LED lamps,
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Our complete range of price-fighting CorePro LED lamps are designed to help you make that first, hassle-free step to energy-efficient LED. An easy retrofit solution providing LED light quality for a wide range of applications from spots and bulbs to candles and tubes. All our CorePro lamps offer:


  • Up to 69% energy savings
  • A long lifetime of 25,000 hours
  • A lamp for every application
  • Philips quality and reliability

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Downsize your downlighting

costs with LED


The first retrofit LED PL-C lamp designed to increase efficiency and downsize your costs


Light on energy


With a 60% energy efficient LED core, our PLC downlighting replacement lamps reduce energy costs. But the robust design saves in other areas too, as you’ll discover in this product video.


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Downsize your TCO


All our CorePro LED lamps reduce your Total Cost of Ownership. Check out our TCO tool to see how much you could save.


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