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The smart city technology space is growing and evolving rapidly. Research on citizen engagement, learnings from experimentation and early adopters, and rising expectations are all driving smart city experts to re-evaluate the importance of citizen-centricity.


Why is it important for cities to re-evaluate citizen focus now? How can technology engage citizens and humanize cities? Why is personalization context so important to the future of smart cities? What strategies and tools can cities use to become more citizen-centric? A new report, “Building smart cities for smart citizens” addresses these and other urgent questions that smart city experts face now.

In the report:

  • Citizen-centricity: why now?
  • Humanizing cities with technology
  • The importance of personalization
  • Strategies and tools that make cities smarter
There's a flaw in the PPP [public-private partnership] model. There are four 'P's. You have to start with people. Without people, I don't see the value creation."

Peter Sany
TM Forum President & CEO

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TM Forum, the publisher of “Building smart cities for smart citizens” provides a platform for hundreds of members across a wide range of industries, including communications, technology, cities and municipal government, finance, and healthcare. TM Forum helps businesses collaborate and partner to co-create, prototype, deliver, and monetize innovative digital services for billions of customers worldwide.