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Wireless LED car park lighting with sensors

Save energy and reduce costs while improving safety

Lighting in parking lots can be expensive, especially when used 24/7. GreenParking is a wireless LED car park lighting system that detects people and vehicle presence to provide lighting as needed, saving energy and reducing costs by up to 80%.


Presence detection, flexible dimming and long-life, low-maintenance LED lights enable you to create more sustainable car park lighting while keeping visitors safe and comfortable.


Intuitive wireless controls make this plug-and-play solution easy to install and program in both new and existing car parks.

Pacific LED Green Parking system

GreenParking benefits at a glance

Philips Lighting’s GreenParking car park lighting offers fast return on investment, saving energy and costs.

Save up to 80% on running costs

Energy-efficient LEDs and smart control technology reduce energy usage.

Reduce unnecessary lighting

With presence detection and zonal dimming, car park lighting activates when needed.

Keep visitors safe

Customize car park lighting zones to optimize visibility, safety and comfort.

Reduce maintenance costs

LED luminaires last longer and need changing less frequently.

Easy Upgrades

Upgrade and add new luminaires easily, and configure them with plug and play wireless controls.

Future-proof your car park

Our scalable parking lights system works for retrofit or new facilities.

What’s possible with GreenParking


GreenParking from Philips Lighting is a wireless LED lighting system that saves you energy with presence detection and lighting zones. 

How it works

GreenParking is a wireless lighting system that combines the long-life and energy-efficiency of LED with controls, sensors and zoning options to increase safety and reduce costs.

The choice is up to you


GreenParking can be installed one of two ways: either combine the long-life Pacific LED luminaires with wirelessly controlled presence detection units, or select Pacific LED luminaires with an integrated sensor. The luminaires are waterproof and can withstand a harsh environment.


With either option, you get presence detection, automatic dimming and excellent quality of light with no color variation. External sensors can be mounted on the wall or ceiling to best fit your parking layout, while integrated sensors eliminate the need for additional hardware. 


The latest generation of Pacific LED luminaires is the first circular economy-ready luminaire in a series of products optimized for the circular lighting service model. It’s designed to use natural resources in a more effective and regenerative way, closing the materials loop according to circular economy principles. Thanks to its modular assembly and design, maintenance is easy and it is simple to upgrade. It also offers optimal performance throughout its lifetime.

Philips Lighting’s GreenParking car park lighting offers fast return on investment, saving energy and costs.

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