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Guidance lighting


Safer roads and tunnels with LED marker lights

Improving safety in roads and tunnels

Guide motorists safely to their destinations with active LED marker lights and LED exit signs improving visibility on two-way tunnels and exit roads.


With our intelligent guidance lighting system you can program individual markers wirelessly so they dim, flash, sequence and change color, in order to reduce traffic congestion and provide fast, clear evacuation guidance in an emergency.


Meet new EU regulations coming into effect in 2019 – all with a system that provides intelligent control and diagnostics via a relay or SCADA interface.

Reduce traffic congestion with LED marker lights and exit signs, road signs and safety signs

Guidance lighting benefits at a glance

LED marker lights complement road signs and safety signs by improving traffic flow and safety
Improve driver guidance in tunnels and approaches 
Improve visibility in two-way tunnels and exits 
Increase safety with advance warning of bends and hazards
Speed up emergency teams and evacuation with fast, clear guidance 
Control your LED marker lights wirelessly via a relay or SCADA interface
Manage guidance lighting easily with intelligent control and diagnostics
Upgrade quickly with a robust system that’s easy to install
Keep maintenance costs low with long-life waterproof LED markers

What’s possible with Guidance Lighting


Guidance Lighting from Philips Lighting offers a complete programmable marker system and can be customized to suit any tunnel or roadway.

How it works

We offer three inductive-powered intelligent LED markers
Tunnel Guidance Marker

Tunnel Guidance Marker

Clearly indicate roadside edges and direct drivers and passengers towards emergency exits

Tunnel Guidance Marker
Tunnel Lane Marker: LED marker lights for lanes and center lines and managing tidal flow

Tunnel Lane Marker


Tunnel Guidance Marker

Mark lanes and center lines to improve driver guidance as well as adjust lane configuration to manage peak traffic flows.

Tunnel Guidance Marker
Tunnel Exit Marker

Tunnel Exit Marker


Tunnel Guidance Marker

Clearly identify emergency exit doors and provide guidance to exits in an emergency evacuation.

Tunnel Guidance Marker
Control system

Control system


Tunnel Guidance Marker

Connect your tunnel and road markers to an inductive power supply.

Tunnel Guidance Marker

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