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Delivering unforgettable experiences for our clients is the challenge that inspires us to create the most exciting innovations in light. We continuously work closely with leading fixture manufacturers to design stage lighting solutions that are more efficient, more powerful, more compact and easier to handle.


Entertainment lamps

With today’s growing trend of integrating LED walls in stage lighting design, a new generation of lamps with more powerful beams is required to cut through the sea of homogenous light they provide – and add additional accents to the show. This is exactly what the new Platinum lamp systems are designed to do.

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MSD Platinum 400 Flex - The flexible solution for your fixture

The new Platinum Flex lamp is designed with flexible options, enabling more functionalities for your fixture.

The deep dimming option of the lamp –used when the shutter of the fixture is closed– makes it possible to have an extreme long lifetime and energy savings of 30 to 45%. Thanks to the flexibility of the power levels, it possible to have a real linear dimming effect in a beam moving head. Next to the excellent lumen output in different colors, the Platinum Flex platform enables the fixture to produce more color combinations and color corrections.

MSD Platinum

Entertainment lamp replacement tool

Find the right Philips lamp for your fixture or find the Philips equivalent to your current lamp.


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