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    and light control

    on the tennis court

    TV Markant,
    Breda, The Netherlands

    OptiVision LED offers maximum opportunity for energy-saving and light control
    Philips OptiVision LED and tennis

    This lighting

    the environment, local residents, and our club."


    - Wim van 't Hoog, member of the Executive Committee of TV Markant Breda

    Markant Breda Philips OptiVision LED
    Markant Breda Philips OptiVision LED

    The challenge


    As one of the biggest tennis clubs in the Netherlands, TV Markant wanted to do its bit for the environment by opting for sustainable LED lighting. However, its playing fields are located right next to a residential area, and many local residents were concerned about increased light pollution. So how did the club deal with this?

    TV Markant, Breda

    The right lighting


    The robust Philips OptiVision LED lighting scores very well in terms of light pollution – and that’s great for local residents. What’s more, with these new lamps there’s no warm-up time, so the lights are only switched on when people are actually playing. That means the lights are on for a much shorter period of time. Since these lamps last for 40,000 hours, they won´t need to be replaced for 20 or 25 years anyway. And this is a modular system, so if there’s a fault in the driver, for example, you can just replace the driver rather than replacing the whole lamp. That keeps additional costs down. The floodlights can also be dimmed. Unless there’s a tournament taking place, they are dimmed down as standard to 70%, which also saves money. Léon van Leeuwen from the Dutch National Tennis Association (KNLTB) praised the club for making the switch to OptiVision LED: "TV Markant is setting a good example and this could also encourage other tennis clubs to follow suit."

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