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    naval history

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    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    See how Philips Lighting and DUS architects created a unique atmosphere in Amsterdam's marine district.
    The Europe Building, Amsterdam, Netherlands

    At night 
    the sails

    are lit gradually with a pulsing light."
    Philips Metronomis LED lighting at Marineterrein
    The Europe Building, Amsterdam

    Customer challenge


    Using bio-plastic 3D prints, DUS architects wanted to integrate dynamic illumination into the entrance façade of the temporary EU pavilions. Amsterdam’s former naval center would be used for the EU council meetings. The area was quickly turned into an attractive public space – with a little help from LED lighting.

    The Europe Building, Amsterdam, Netherlands

    The right lighting 


    The historic Marineterrein (Marine Establishment) is a beautiful district in the center of Amsterdam. Previously closed to the public, its courtyard was recently transformed from a low-key private parking area to a sophisticated civic space. In 2016 during the Dutch presidency, the Marineterrein would host all the EU council meetings held in the Netherlands. To celebrate the new role of this treasured city space, some exciting lighting was needed.

    Collaborating with architects DUS, the Philips application specialist integrated dynamic illumination into the entrance façade of the temporary EU pavilions. Seating alcoves were constructed there, with a sail-shaped appearance referring to the ships that were once built nearby. Two Philips Color Kinetics ColorBurstCompact lights create a beautiful grazing effect behind the benches, with colors reflecting the different EU countries. Three Philips Color Kinetics ColorBlasts shine light upon the building façade, giving the area a unique elegance at night.

    The area around Marineterrein was also given a light makeover. Philips Metronomis LED Fluid lanterns now spread a warm sparkling light throughout nearby lanes, helping passers-by feel comfortable at night. The lanterns are enhanced with a special optic that projects a pattern of light and shadows around the pole, reminiscent of a ship’s compass. The luminaires are individually controlled by the Philips City Touch system, making it easy to fine-tune light levels as seasons change.

    With the lighting in place, the Scheepvaartmuseum (former Navy Warehouse), monumental trees and 3D entrance façade have a stunning appearance. The lights enhance the historic atmosphere and subtly pay homage to the old navy, giving the district a new lease of life.


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