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    Lighting Debenhams façade
    Oxford Street   

    Lighting Debenhams Façade,
    Oxford Street


    See how Philips' Valued Added Partner Architainment helped create dynamic Debenhams façade that wows Oxford Street shoppers.
    Debenhams Oxford Street Case Study

    A lighting
    scheme that changes

    the building from its cool daytime veil into a glamorous evening gown."


    - Lee Prince, Light + Design Associates.

    Debenhams Oxford Street Case Study
    Debenhams Oxford Street Case Study

    Customer challenge

    An innovative over-cladding system combined with coloured LED lighting has transformed the façade of the Debenhams store in Oxford Street, London to create a highly visible retail destination during both day and night.
    Debenhams Oxford Street Case Study

    The right lighting


    The purpose of the project was to create interest and make the building, which is owned by British Land, more visible while complying with the City of Westminster’s stringent planning rules. It was decided that the lighting would play a key role in achieving this because of its ability to create a visual presence without needing a physical presence.


    The award-winning lighting design (Lux Awards 2014) was carried out by Light + Design Associates, working with Philips Value Added Partner Architainment and consulting engineers TUV Wallace Whittle.


    The façade system comprises an over-cladding system made up of thousands of suspended aluminium panels that move with changing wind patterns, providing a dynamic visual appearance without the need for any additional power.


    At night these are illuminated from below with amber light from Philips Color Kinetics eColor Graze QLX Powercore linear LED light fittings.

    • ColorGraze QLX Powercore
      ColorGraze QLX Powercore
      Many architectural structures need a linear fixture capable of illuminating several storeys with minimal setback and reduced power consumption. Property owners/end users need a con...

    Lighting Debenhams, Oxford Street

    The team


    Value Added Partner  

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