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    Turning buildings  

    into beacons

    Phoenix Children’s Hospital,
    Arizona, USA

    Find out how color interior lighting is making Phoenix Children’s Hospital a nicer place to visit.


    A video on the possibilities made in the Phoenix hospital

    Only Philips Color Kinetics
    had the quality,

    specialized product offerings, and customer service needed to realize our vision.”


    - Scott Oldner, Scott Oldner Lighting Design

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    Customer challenge

    Phoenix Children’s Hospital was undergoing radiant renovations. As part of a $538 million expansion, the plan was turn the building into a welcoming beacon that could be seen from all directions. Inside the building, the hospital sought a way to provide visitors with a cheerful distraction from medical difficulties.
    The reception area in the Phoenix childrens hospital lit up by Philips Lighting

    The right lighting 


    Visiting a hospital isn’t pleasant for children and their families. With this in mind, decision makers at the hospital decided to use the interior décor to distract and delight patients. The original plan included an indoor wall fountain that used actual water, but due to costs, an alternative solution was needed. Instead, iColor Cove MX Powercore fixtures were used create water-like effects with varying shades of blue and aqua.

    In the lobby and hallways, further lighting has been installed to instil a cheerful ambience. The same iColor Cove MX Powercore lights were used to provide vivid colours that liven up the hospital atmosphere. Needless to say, it’s a far cry from the typical dull hospital environment.

    The exterior of the hospital was given the same colourful treatment. The idea was to turn the building into a beacon of positivity, while meeting budget and sustainability requirements. iColor Accent Powercore was used to outline the building’s distinctive architectural fins with artistic, animated color displays. Long ribbons of light descend the front of the building, merging with the displays seen in the lobby area.

    The hospital now entertains and comforts visitors and patients alike, with vibrant color and magical light displays.

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