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    A brighter office

    for Emerson

    Emerson offices,  Dubai, UAE


    Emerson wanted a natural and comfortable working environment for staff and visitors for it's two new buildings part of their regional headquarters, in Dubai.


    When you see the


    lighting installed in the building, not just one, but a whole light installation, you realize that we have got it right. They add a real sense of hi-tech look and feel with understated elegance. It’s very impressive.”


    - Wael Ayyoub,Senior Project Manager, Emerson


    Customer challenge


    Emerson chose lighting that matched its vision of forward-thinking and environmentally-focused.The Philips range met the high standards of the building from an environmental and aesthetic standpoint. For a high-quality, natural lighting effect, a combination of PowerBalance LED luminaires and the compact LuxSpace family of LED lights, provide sustainable, energy-efficient, natural-effect lighting.


    The right lighting


    Philips PowerBalance gen2 and LuxSpace LED presented Emerson with Philips’ most energy-efficient LED luminaire and downlight options, enabling them to drastically reduce energy costs without sacrificing light quality. The result was warm, natural-effect light with significant savings in operational costs thanks to Philips’ increased sustainability and light source lifetime. The new Emerson buildings, utilizing various smart systems and, powered by Philips LED lighting, achieved 42% energy savings, one of the highest in the region.

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