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    Extraordinary building:

    awe-inspiring lighting


    Farglory, Taiwan  


    Find out how decorative lighting is creating a visual treat at Farglory

    Chandeliers at Harrods, UK with Philips LED lamps in the shape of a candle

    A marketing center in
    Taipei, Taiwan

    uses the Chinese symbolism of the dragon to create a building that is special both inside and out.”
    A corridor at Farglory, Taiwan nicely lit with Philips decorative lighting
    LED color lights in the translucent walls around the dining room at Farglory, Taiwan

    Customer challenge


    Farglory is a construction company with a difference, producing innovative homes that increase in value even in difficult market conditions. The company’s own marketing center was something special; a dragon-shaped rectilinear construction. An extraordinary building like this needed some extraordinary lighting.

    Translucent walls at Farglory, Taiwan lit with Philips color changing LED lights

    The right lighting


    The architecture is based around the shape of a ‘dragon’s curve’, reminiscent of a reptilian tail in color and form, with sloping sides that encircle the building. Much of the building is made with translucent walls, which gave us the opportunity to install some exciting decorative lighting.


    The main curve of the ‘dragon’, a sloping corridor which wraps around the exterior of the building, has clear glazing at the front and a semi-transparent wall board behind. This area is lit with Philips Color Kinetics iColor Cove QLX and ColorBlast Powercore fixtures, which produce a varying cycle of coloured light that inspires viewers both outside and inside the building.


    A similar effect is used in the main entrance, drawing visitors through to the main atrium area where there is an ‘art ceiling’ installation. The swirling shapes of the ceiling are masterfully lit with the compact iColor Cove QLX, which was suited for the application as it could fit in the limited space. This creative use of color changing LED extends to the show home, where visitors are wowed with amazing architecture and luxurious lighting.


    Thanks to the impressive and inspiring lighting, the Farglory building shows visitors the same level of high quality that is associated with all of its constructions.

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