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    a vibrant city center

    City of Veghel,

    Veghel, Netherlands

    The city of Veghel needed a lighting solution that would bring back commerce and make the town a sought out destination.

    It’s great that
    the lighting

    is different every single day. The possibilities are endless.”


    - Jan-Hein Opheij, Town Center Manager for Veghel

    Customer Challenge


    Veghel was experiencing extremely high turnover in the local shops and restaurants in its city square. The majority of residents shopped in the larger surrounding towns and the minimal foot traffic was leading to a declining city center.

    Veghel’s city council knew they had to differentiate Veghel to revive local commerce. A welcoming and vibrant city center would draw more citizens to experience the city’s restaurants and unique independent shops. The city engaged Philips in a consultative role to help define, design, and deliver a solution tailored to its needs.

    The right lighting


    Philips worked with the town by facilitating a collaboration with the many stakeholders involved—the city council, the town center management, architects, and lighting designers—to outline a vision that would reinvent Veghel’s pedestrian-centric core. The proposed design—reflective of the people and the personality of Veghel—was an engaging experience that used integrated lighting and technology. The city launched an initial pilot with positive results—a total of 22 stores, a combination of new and previous proprietors, opened in a short time.


    Building on this success, the city council expanded the unique design experience to its two main shopping streets. The physical design was updated to provide lighting that could be both functional and also create dynamic lighting shows that could be paired with sound or music. The new luminaires incorporated Philips iColor Flex LMX LED strings and reflected the architecture of the area and the city’s personality.


    Residents and vendors requested that the new lighting change on a frequent basis so even everyday visitors could look forward to seeing something new. The emphasis to turn daily activities and everyday tasks into a more enjoyable experience and not only use the lighting for holidays and special events. Philips programmed special lighting and sound algorithms to generate light content that would always vary slightly and never repeat in exactly the same sequence. Philips ActiveSite, a cloud-based lighting management platform, allows the content to be scheduled in advance or to be changed quickly in response to the city’s rhythms.


    To help support content management for the city center and encourage the local businesses to create, test, plan, and execute the dynamic lighting and sound experiences, Philips created an experience platform consisting of technology and services. This platform provides city center users with the ability to integrate the lighting experience with things like social media and other promotional platforms.


    Thus far, the new center has been successful and more importantly, residents are coming back, enjoying, and taking pride in their town.

    iColor Flex LMX


    Flexible strands of large, high-intensity, full-color LED nodes designed for extraordinary effects.


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