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    Staci Italia

    Staci Italia Warehouse
    Casorate Primo, Italy


    Lighting for Staci's new warehouse, located in the province of Pavia, has resulted in greater energy efficiency, significant savings, and greater safety inside the workplace.

    We trust
    the know-how

    of 9Ren and Philips to develop an articulated project to illuminate the entire surface area of the warehouse. The objective was achieved, with great results, both in terms of energy savings and the safeguard of our associates."


    - Daniele Conti, Quality and Business Processes Engineering, Staci.

    Illuminazione magazzino Staci
    Illuminazione magazzino Staci

    Customer challange


    Staci, after acquiring a new warehouse located in Casorate Primo, Pavia, needed to install a lighting system for its entire 24,000-m2 area. The company's objective was to find a solution that would comply with applicable regulations and, at the same time, guarantee significant savings in terms of management and maintenance

    Illuminazione magazzino Staci

    The right lighting


    Staci has made available the entire 24,000-m2 area of its newly acquired warehouse for the installation of a lighting system that can respect current regulations and guarantee management and maintenance savings. Thanks to Philip's support, 9Ren Group developed an innovative technology design solution: GentleSpace gen2 with GreenWarehouse wireless control system. The GentleSpace gen2 LED devices have a control unit with motion sensors and automatic wireless control that allows greater energy efficiency, significant savings, and greater workplace safety, all thanks to a system that favors visual comfort and provides illumination when and exactly where it is needed.


    The intervention has reduced energy consumption by 82%, estimating that this will save the equivalent of 155 tons of CO2 per year.

    The Benefits

    Illuminazione magazzino Staci

    Magazzino Staci,
    Casorate Primo, Italia

    The team

    Staci Italia SRL


    9Ren Group

    Certified Value Added Partner
    Design and installation

    Philips Lighting


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