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    Philips Warranty

    Philips guarantee with the best quality  

    3 years for LED products & 1 year for Non LED products

    With the range of products:

    Philips provides the warranty for all of the products range with LED and Non LED technology.
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    Panduan rencana Pencahayaan Philips 
    How to return your lamp

    You can easily return your Philips lamp, if only there is manufacturing defect*


    Product with manufacturing defect if:

    • The lights off during the warranty period
    • The lights flicker when it turns on
    • The lights on partially
    • Fitting or bulb problem"

    Not considered as manufacturing defect:


    • Broken
    • Wet
    • Dents
    • Warranty period is expired
    • Installation/application mistake
    • Up/down (unstable) voltage
    • Grounding problem"

    Requirement for Product Return:


    • Purchase evidence (receipt)
    • Production code according to warranty period
    • Manufacturing defect product
    • Product is still on warranty period
    • The use of the product based on the product specification
    • Production code is visible on the product"