Smart Accessory

    Remote Control

    Battery operated, IP20/Plastic/Black, Works with all WiZ Connected products 8718696466162 Find similar products
    • Smart lighting for your daily living


      Smart Accessory

      Remote Control

      8718696466162 Find similar products

      Control your lights with the touch of a button with the Philips smart LED remote control, which works with all WiZ products and has a range of 15 meters. Turn lights on or off, brighten or dim the room, set a nightlight, or set up to four of your favorite light modes — even if the Wi-Fi goes down. See all benefits

      Suggested retail price: IDR210,500.00


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    Smart lighting for your daily living

    Works with your existing Wi-Fi

    • Fast and easy control of your WiZ lights.

      Quick and easy control of your WiZ lights. Turn lights on/off, adjust brightness, choose 4 favorites and switch to night light with just one press on the button. It works with all WiZ Connected products

    • 15 meter wide range control.

      The control range up to 15 meters in a normal indoor environment with partitions and walls.

    • Whole room control. Triggers all lights in a room.

      The WiZmote is attached to a single room and triggers all lights in that room. You can move the WiZmote in the app if you want it to control lights in another room instead

    • Works even without Wi-Fi.

      The WiZmote communicates directly to the WiZ lights. It works even when your Wi-Fi is down.

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