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    The right LED tube    

    every time

    Bright and easy-to-fit LED tubes that last and last  

    Simplicity and ultra-efficiency make Philips LED tubes the quickest and easiest way to upgrade to LED for immediate energy savings over a long and reliable lifetime.

    Our portfolio of Philips LED tubes covers the widest range of applications. It now includes the MASTER LEDtube T8 Ultra Efficiency range for the world’s best-in-class lumen performance of up to 172 lm/W. It also includes new options in the MASTER LEDtube T5 range to cover even more applications. The new generation of CorePro LED tubes T8 feature a shorter aluminium end cap and improved performance.
    Hassle-free LED replacement for T5 flourescents

    Downsize your downlighting costs
    with LED PL-C


    Philips CorePro LED PLC is the ideal uplamping solution for downlights in a wide range of general lighting applications. It integrates a LED light source into a traditional fluorescent form factor to offer superb energy savings over a lifetime that’s twice as long as fluorescent alternatives. So you can upgrade your lighting at the same time as downsizing costs.


    tube scheme

    Choose the right tube,
    find the right fit


    Your customers will have very different lighting requirements. Whether they need the best energy efficiency or the best light output, it’s easy to find the right LED tube every time.

    Calculate your energy savings today  

    Every business is keen to reduce, energy, maintenance and operating costs to meet increasingly tight budgets and challenging environmental targets. Compared to fluorescent TL-D lamps, LED tubes offer significant savings. Our quick comparison tool includes energy consumption, maintenance costs and carbon footprint.

    Interested in how much you will save? Click below.
    Corepro TCO tool - energy consumption

    Ballast compatibility lists

    Our InstantFit HF tubes fit straight into existing luminaires. They work with the widest range of existing electronic ballasts. The ballast lists are regularly updated.
    Ballast compatibility lists - Philips Lighting Led tube