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You’ve inspired us – now let us inspire you

Ten years ago, if you read the headlines, you might have thought it was the end of bricks and mortar retail.

Instead, in that time, traditional retail has continued to evolve and remains an integral part of the customer journey, despite facing huge challenges along the way. Rather than trying to fend off technology, retailers – like you – have embraced it. In some stores, it’s not easy to tell where the physical ends and the digital experience begins.


In other words, you’ve been visionary. Seeing the potential for change, and seizing it – in a way that’s now inspiring other industries. 


But what’s possible today is only the beginning.

Great ideas from retailers are coming thick and fast. Which means we knew we had to step up our game.


In many ways, lighting goes unnoticed in retail. But it’s central to the customer experience and to your brand. And when it becomes connected lighting, so much more is possible.


Like indoor positioning systems that connect customers via their smartphones. Or retail analytics that unearth customer insights, powered by that indoor-positioning technology. Or LED lighting, that cuts power bills and gives you much greater control over the ambiance of your stores.


So we’re taking our expertise in lighting and expanding it to encompass the Internet of Things as it applies to retail. And to do that, we’ve gathered a team of retail experts. Not surprisingly, we call them our luminaries.


Philips in retail is where visionaries meet luminaries. 

Co-creation isn’t new. But we’ve been inspired – by you – to take it to the next level. That’s why, starting at EuroShop this year, we’re introducing a brand-new way of working together.


It’s all about matching your brilliant ideas with the expertise of some of connected lighting’s most experienced minds. From wise old hands to wunderkinds, think of them as the orchestra to your Mozart, or the NASA to your Neil Armstrong.


So what can we achieve together?

As one of our favourite luminaries, Parik Chopra, says, ‘the retail environment is changing, from a place where we buy to a place where we spend time – a third home’.


This means it should have all the comforts of home. Be as familiar as home. Feel like home.


But we’re also extremely busy these days. With less time to spend on the weekly shopping, anything we can do to speed that up is greatly valued.


Meanwhile, sustainability matters hugely to our customers, our brands and our sense of corporate responsibility. This doesn’t just mean saving power, but rethinking our supply chains and localising them to match new and greener expectations.


Connected lighting is helping do all these things, and much more.

But more importantly, it can bring to life ideas only you can think of. That’s what makes being a retail visionary so important – and today such an exciting time to be a visionary.


And as retail luminaries, we’re looking forward to seeing what those ideas are, and what we can do to help. So we invite you to come to us with your most inspirational ways of cutting costs, upping productivity, improving sustainability, enhancing omnichannel shopping, probing into analytics and, of course, creating brilliant experiences for every one of your customers.